The COLOMBIAN REFUGEE ASSOCIATION is a non-profit community organization that serves newly arrived refugee claimants. We bring a range of services such as transportation, translation, interpretation, mediation and consultations in Spanish.  We engage in their remainder of their settlement and integration process helping them to establish in Hamilton and surroundings. We take into consideration their needs and concerns, including affordable housing, sports, educational, cultural and recreational activities while we advocate for their rights. We aim to improve the quality of life of new families providing cross cultural understanding and equality. We also work in community development and volunteerism. We present and produce culturally relative activities, promoting the heritage and the image of Colombia and Latin America in Canada.

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Settlement Services

Settlement services are for refugee claimants only. These services can help you settle and adjust to your new life in Canada. These services are free and confidential. We speak languages other than English. We have limited resources to offer services outside Hamilton area, but we work in connection to other agencies to assist any need.

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The Hamilton Latino Festival

The Latin American community is growing in the last years as part of our community. It is a challenge to promote the images and traditions of Colombians and Latin American in Canada, as well as supporting and promoting Latin American talent. We want to create and establish a festival in Hamilton that becomes one of our city's signature cultural events and a legacy of the TO2015 Pan American games, providing the Hamiltonians and visitors a venue in which the Latin/Hispanic culture gathers to joyously celebrate its heritage and also enable our organization to promote our mission through increased community awareness.

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Volunteering is the time you give us to strengthen our community and improve our families' quality of life as well as your own. There are so many ways to be involved with us if:


  • Speak to your passion

  • Suit your personality

  • Meet your interests

  • Build on your experiences

  • Fit into your lifestyle

  • Contribute to your health and well-being


Immigration and Legal Referrals

We offer a FREE referral service to point you the best law expert to help guide you through the often complex and time-consuming application process. We also refer our clients to Legal Aid when its need it. We work with a extensive list of Law experts including refugee and immigration, criminal, civil, corporate, family, landlord and tenant, provincial offenses and others. We have also refugee and immigration clinics in Spanish. 

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Translation and Interpretation Services

We are Professional translators and interpreters who speak English and Spanish. We use accurate and consistent language and we have a thorough knowledge of the vocabulary in refugee law which is our field of expertise. We offer high quality translation services and qualified translators always knowledgeable in all the most needed topics. We all are fluid, quick and precise in what they do. We translate with accuracy and no content is left aside.

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Trauma Counseling Support

Trauma Counselling can help you with the following:

  • Help you to understand your coping mechanisms;

  • Validate your feelings and emotions;

  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as a form of defense;

  • Help you to make sense of what has happened to you;

  • Integrate the event meaningfully into your life.

  • Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being re triggered by the past.